Friday, September 2, 2011


long time huh?! well, school started this week on monday. i can honestly say i've been super exhausted and had no time for anything other than some hours of sleep then school all over again.

i've decided to change my hair color from brown with blonde highlight to red. my friends teased me and called me "abg" (asian baby/barbie girl) and i was eh about it. but on the second day of schoool someone i haven't seen in forever said that to me the first sec i saw him so i decided it's time for a change. i don't regret a thing, i look fabulous with red hair!

you've seen me with the before pics, but here are the after!


this is the new hair but with no flash. it's quite red in the sun and it's super bright

here it is with bright flash.

i used ion color brilliance # 6ir-66.66 that i got from sally. i used #10 developer for my roots and #20 for the rest of my head. i got such a good deal because the lovely sales person gave me a professional discount. i bought 3 color, 2 developer, a bowl, a brush, and a pack of conditioner to seal in my color for less than $16. steal!

anyway, i hope you are well.
xoxo, melanie

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